What Your Birth Month Reveals About You

June 25, 2019

6 June

  • Ladies born in June rarely hide what they really think, in fact, they usually speak first and ask questions later.
  • But does not lessen their power over men.

7 July

  • July women are very mysterious and honest.
  • The downside is that they expect everyone to be as honest, which rarely happens.

8 August

  • Women born in August are pretty ego-centered but kind.
  • They have a great sense of humor and they try to stay away from negativity as far as possible.
  • They never lack attention as men seem to simply fall at their feet no matter where they go.

9 September

  • Beautiful from the inside as well as from the outside that is what people say about ladies born in September.
  • But in case you hurt her get ready for revenge.
  • When they fall in love they expect it to be forever, that is why they have a high level of expectation from loved ones.

10 October

  • These ladies never show their emotions to avoid betrayal.
  • But they are very wise and educated.

11 November

  • If you were born in November, you know how to prove your point or who is being dishonest with you.

12 December

  • These ladies lack some patience but it never plays badly on them.
  • Though, they tend to open their hearts to people who will cause them pain in the end.
  • Yet, positive thinking helps them deal with that.

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