March 28, 2020

This easy turmeric body wash only requires four ingredients. It’s an all-natural tutorial that is perfect to give your skin an easy glow and perfect for beginners! 

This turmeric body wash was requested by a reader and I just had to give it a whirl! Since I have been using this turmeric powder bоdy wash! I have noticed my skin is glowing so bright! My skin has been looking so supple and the acne has diminished! I had to share this easy turmeric bоdy wash recipe with you.  

Of course, this is a beginner’s recipe so you can find castile soap at most grocery stores and Amazon!  But this recipe is pretty much vegan and easy to make. You can double up the recipe if you like, but you will be amazed by the benefits of the body wash and how great your skin will look. You can also use a fine mesh strainer to strain the turmeric powder from the bоdy wash, I just prefer to shake it up!  

Turmeric Body Wash Recipe: 

2 cups Liquid Castile Soap 

Doctor's Book Of Survival Home Remedies

2tbsp. Glycerin 

½ tbsp turmeric powder  

20-30 drops tea tree oil (optional)  

20-30 drops lavender essential oil  

20 drops miracle glow oil

Turmeric Body Wash Recipe Directions:

In a Pyrex cup place two cups of liquid castile soap and set aside. In a small bowl add glycerin and turmeric powder, mix until combined. Add tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and miracle glow oil to mixture and mix. Once the mixture is mix add mixture to liquid castile soap. If you like a lighter color or fair skin add less of the turmeric mixture to castile soap. If you like a deep dark color and less suds add all of the turmeric mixture to the castile soap.  

I hope you enjoy this Turmeric Body Wash Recipe!


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