The Natural Home Remedies To Help Flush Out Kidney Stones

March 30, 2020

Your kidneys are a vital organ, and it is crucial to keep them healthy. As it is their job to cleanse the body of toxins and excess salt (Kidney Stones), keeping them working at the optimum level is vital.

You should take a step to ensure your kidneys are correctly cleansed so you can be sure they are functioning correctly.

Kidneys also absorb stones and sand from the body, which can accumulate in dangerous deposits that need to be rid of the body.

This natural recipe will kelp your kidneys detox and leave them running correctly.


-A handful of coriander or parsley leaves


Method of preparation:

First, chop the leaves of cilantro or parsley in large pieces. Then, put them in a bowl and pour some water over them to cover them. Then, place the pan over heat and boil it for 10 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat afterward and leave the mixture to cool. Strain and refrigerate.

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Drink one cup of this mix, cold, daily. You will notice that the color if your urine has been changed after several days. This is due to the process of cleansing the kidneys and the elimination of accumulated poisons.

You can also make tea from the same ingredients. Leave the mixture still and covered for 30 minutes. Then, drink it two times for a month to detoxify the kidneys.

Additionally, parsley is also soothing in the case of menstrual cramps and pain. Apart from parsley and coriander, your kidneys will benefit a lot from the detox treatments with lemons, watermelon, or apples. Furthermore, olive oil is extremely useful in the process of ejecting kidney stones.


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