Put Baking Soda In Your Shoes And Say Goodbye To These Problems

Put Baking Soda In Your Shoes And Say Goodbye To These Problems

June 11, 2019

Smelly feet, fungus, ingrown nails, and many more problems can be solved by baking soda. The correct way to use baking soda in solving these problems is to use a foot bath. And then to simply put baking soda in your shoes.

If you belong to a group of people who have problems with an unpleasant smell of their feet, and therefore have a fungus, then this foot bath is for you.

Place in a liter of boiling water 50 g of sage, boil for one minute, and then remove it from the stove and leave for half an hour. Stir, place the liquid in a bowl and add warm water, three tablespoons of baking soda and three to five tablespoons of tea tree oil. Soak your feet and allow the bath to work for at least half an hour. Then just wipe them off with a cloth. Repeat the procedure daily for at least a week.


  • If you have a fungus problem, wear only cotton socks and ventilate them and, if possible, wash the shoes.
  • Additionally, you should put baking soda in your shoes and leave it standing overnight.
  • And in the morning throw the baking soda from the shoes.
  • Repeat every day until the problem is completely resolved.

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