Do You Know What The Length Of Your Hair Says About Your Personality

June 26, 2019

Women often change their hairstyle, apparently without putting too much thought into how this affects the way they are perceived by their male or female peers. They’re more interested in such practical aspects as the condition of their hair follicles, the moisture of their scalp and how much time they need to spend in front of a mirror every day, styling their hair.

However, psychologists say that any change of image, including a hairstyle, is a sign of internal changes in a woman. This is one idea I can’t disagree with!

1. Short Hair

  • Women with short hair are young at heart.
  • They overwhelm their audience with their youthful personas and their playful natures.
  • They are quick on their feet and born leaders, inspiring and promoting change wherever they go.
  • With their reactive personalities, they adapt well to any situation and are always full of energy.

2. Hair That Covers the Ears, but Does Not Reach the Shoulders

  • This is the hairstyle of a real lady.
  • She is refined, gentle, caring, and she visits the dreams of any man.
  • However, do not flatter yourself in thinking that you can seduce her.
  • She rarely succumbs to anyone’s influence or charm.
  • Deep inside she always knows what she wants and almost always gets it.
  • Driven and ambitious, the world is her oyster.

3. The hair on the Shoulders or Slightly Below the Shoulders

  • These women are very versatile people and incredibly charismatic.
  • Like a chameleon, they are adaptable and can move from a dynamic setting to a relaxed, casual encounter, without breaking a sweat.
  • They exude such strong energy, that they attract people like a magnet and are never short of friends.

4. Long Hair

  • People used to believe that the power of a person lay in their hair.
  • Hence, we might say that women with long hair are like little witches, concentrating all that cosmic power in their long, wavy (or straight) locks.
  • They should trust their intuition a little more, because, in their case, that intuition often proves to be extremely reliable.
  • These women are also very honest, sometimes too honest for their own good.

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