9 Reasons to Drink a Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

April 21, 2019

5. Stimulates Proper Digestion

As we already mentioned, ACV can improve your digestion and reduce the time your body needs to digest fat. Undigested food stuck in your GI tract for a longer period can be harmful. Fortunately, ACV can boost your digestion and help the stomach break down food, resulting in cleaner intestines and weight loss as well.

6. Rich in Potassium

Drinking a tablespoon of ACV every day will boost your body’s potassium levels. This powerful mineral is important for a variety of functions including the work of your heart. It will also neutralize the negative effects of sodium on your organs and allow them to work properly.

7. Regulates Your Blood Sugar Levels

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar will regulate your blood sugar levels and improve the insulin sensitivity of your cells, effectively preventing diabetes.

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8. Improves Your Heart Health

Thanks to the presence of potassium and other nutrients, ACV can significantly improve your heart function and health. The liquid will also regulate your cholesterol levels, effectively preventing a variety of cardiovascular problems.

9. Prevents the Growth of Candida

Drink a tablespoon of ACV every day and you will significantly reduce the risk of candida infection. This yeast can grow in your body and cause serious health problems, so keeping it under control by drinking ACV sounds like a good idea.

Besides the health benefits, ACV can be used for a variety of beauty purposes as well. Using it as a rinse for your hair can easily improve its quality and give it a greater volume while preventing numerous scalp infections. Whenever you’re trying to use it, however, make sure to dilute the liquid with a bit of water first.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should start drinking ACV every day, so why not start now?


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